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Only 100 Units Will be Made.


An homage to the inception of Time Attack Revolution, the Momentum-823 Founder's Edition exemplifies precision, passion, and pioneering spirit. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it boasts a luminous blue dial set within a robust stainless steel case, shielded by resilient mineral glass. The sleek silver hands effortlessly glide, powered by the superior Japanese Miyota Movement. Water resistant up to 5ATM, this watch isn't just a timekeeper; it's a statement of legacy, heritage, and the enduring spirit of innovation. Adorn your wrist with more than just a watch – wear a testament to visionary ambition.


Japenese Miyota Quartz Movement

Water Resistant
up to 5ATM

High-Grade Stainless Steel

High-Clarity Mineral Glass

Turning Glowing Glass


Founder's Edition


Only 100 Units Will be Made.

Who's Apart of Time Attack Revolution?

Time Attack Revolution isn't just a watch company; it's a community, a commitment, a lifestyle. Our watches are crafted for:

The Visionaries: Those who see beyond the present, setting their sights on what's next and what's possible.

The Passionate: Individuals who cherish every moment, understanding the invaluable weight of time.

The Trendsetters: People who set the pace, standing out with sophistication and elegance in every setting.

The Adventurers: Souls who aren't limited by boundaries, diving deep into life's adventures, assured by our watch's durability.

The Entrepreneurs: The dreamers and doers, the ones who understand that time is the most precious resource in building an empire.

The Pit Stop

25% of ALL SALES will go towards The Pit Stop.

When you donate money to a charity, do you ever wonder what or where your money is actually going? That very question is the reason why we created The Pit Stop.


This is an in-house charity organization that commits to being 100% transparent with every penny that is used. We don't just want to show you our expenses, but we want to get involved ourselves as a company. Every year, the Founder, Shane Chanka, and his team will organize a mission trip to help those in need.


We will document and film the entire mission trip from start to finish. That way you will be able to see the impact you have helped make in this world. In essence of our watch brand, Time Attack Revolution, we will not sit back and wait for others to make a change, but we want to be proactive and take that action in our own hands. 

World Peace

1st Hand Helping

Full Documentation

Grow & Repeat

The Founder of Time Attack Revolution, Shane Chanka and his team will always be at the forefront and personally involved with every mission.

Our professional video production and photography team will document the entire mission from planning to execution and results.

Our goal is to increase the scale of our mission every year. We can only do that with your help!

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